Yugoslavian Royalty: Crown Prince Alexander (1945- )

Figure 1.--I believe this a portrait of Crown Prince Alexander. He looks to be about 3 years old. The portrait would have been taken about 1948.

Crown Prince Alexander continues to claim the Serbian throne. He was born in London in 1945. His parents had fled to Britain after the NAZIS invaded their countries (1941). King Peter and Princess Alexandra of Greece mex in London and married (1944). Alexandra (1921- ), was the daughter of King Alexander of Greece and Aspasia Manos. After World War II his father, King Peter II was barred by the new Communist Government from returning. The Communists also abolished the monarchy, but King Peter never abdicated. The royal family lived in exile in many countries (United States, France, Italy and England). Crown Prince Alexander was educated at Le Rosey (Switzerland), Culver Military Academy (United States, Gordonstoun School (Scotland) and Millfield (England). This allowed him to master several languages. He attended the British Royal Military Academy and was awarded a commissioned an officer in the British Army (1966). The Crown Prince served in the 16th/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers and was primoted to Captain. He served in the Middle East, Northern Ireland, Italy and West Germany. He left the Army in 1972 to pursued a career in international business. The Crown Prince, after his father died in 1970, decided not to use the title of king.He thought it would have no real meaning in exile. He did not, however, renounce his title, or the dynastic right to the throne. Yugoslavia of course no longer exists, but the Crown Prince maintains his claim to the Serbian crown. He lived in England for many years, but eventually moved to Serbia and in 2002 was living in Belgrade.


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