English School Uniforms: Literary notes

Norman, Philip: Norman in the Skaters' Waltz (1979) wrote: He dressed himself in a few seconds, struggling on his vest, shirt and pullover in one-thick armed garment still harbouring in its grey folds the warmth of yesterday's sun. He put on the underpants whose yellowness, while changing for PT, he tried to hide, and the faded grey short trousers, and long grey socks, with the school colors around the tops which no longer pulled up high enough, folding them over black elastic garters, each on the wrong place on his leg. He put on the tie, diagnally stripped in blue, red, and gold, which he has had since he was in the junior school, and which was now to small, and torn at the broad end so that a lkength of canvas stuff hung out.

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Last updated: May 11, 1998