Belizian Education

Belizian education

Figure 1.-- Primary schools are located all over the country, making education available even in rural areas. Many Beliziand descend from African slaves. These boys descend from the original Mayan population. They are walking to school inthe morning.

Belize is the only Central American country that was not a part of the Spanish Empire, Belize was British Honduras and the education system is thus influenced by the British education system. The education has the standard three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary education is a compulsory 8 year program, consisting of 2 years of infant classes and another 6 years. Infants is a British term for the younger primary years. The secondary education is a 4 year program. Many Belize schools are affiliated with church but also are supported by the government. The tertiary sysymen consists of the University College of Belize founded in 1986 and several colleges including the Belize Teachers' College, Belize Technical College and College of Agriculture. Primary schools are located all over the country, making education available even in rural areas. Secondary are located in the towns abd cities and thus available ti the rural population. Some of the Belizean schools with the highest academic standards are: St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Primary School, Holy Redeemer Primary School, and Saint Andrew's Primary School Belize.

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