New Zealand School Uniforms: Personal Experiences

Uniforms generally only start at Internediate school (although Primaryschools are now introducing them) and so making the transition from Mufti (that is what normal clothes are called) to uniforms was a big thing. Itwas very exciting to buy your first uniform as it meant you were now a "big"kid!! haha

The thrill of uniforms quickly wore off and it became annoying and mundaneto have to keep your socks up and your shirt tucked in - not to mentionfreezing in winter because us guys wore shorts!!!

Anyway .................... By the end of 6th form, wearing a uniform hadbecome a drag, and we were all looking forward to the privelege of wearingmufti in our 7th form year - our last year of school. Sure, uniforms hadits good points like not having to worry about what to wear to school orrunning the risk of ruining your own clothes during the ferocious lunch timerugby games. But it also had its bad points like freezing in Winter, livingin fear of a teacher (in our case it was Mr Haigh) telling you off forlooking scruffy and if you did something bad outside school, the public knewyour uniform and so it always got back to the Principal and the I still remember the last day of my 6th form year. I was walking passedthe 6th form common room my mates who were in the First XV rgby team with meyelled out to me "OI SEAGAR!!" (that is my surname) I turned around andgot jumped by about 4 guys. They ripped my shirt off my back and pulled mywoolen jersey to shreds!! So from that point, it was all on. All the guywere tearing each others uniforms up whilst the girls were running aroundgetting their skirts signed by everyone. My fondest memory was grabbing alittle Indian friend of mine by his jacket and swinging him around so he washorizontal to the ground. As i swung him around, his jacket kept slowlyripping until it just fell apart and poor little Shanil went flying throughthe air. He was ok, and I am still glad I had a white t-shirt on underneathmy grey shirt that day!! Haha.
Paul Eeagar, April 22, 1998

Christopher Wagner

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Created: June 5, 1999
Last updated: June 5, 1999