Australian School Uniforms: All Saints Grammar

Figure 1.--These boys wear their school uniform which appears to be the same in the winter and summer. The girls wear the winter uniform. Click on the image to see another group with their boaters on.

This private grammar school in New South Wales is run by Greek Australians. It has both a junior and senior section. They have a very traditional uniform complete with boaters. Even the seniors wear the boaters, but they do wear long trousers. The boys and girls wear a similar uniform with the boys wearing long and short pants and the girls wearing skirts. The uniform consists of the following.


All the boys wear boaters, even the senior boys. I am not sure that they are worn for an ordinary school day, but they seem to be. There must be a lot of damage done from day to day with replacements needed. The white stripe design of the tie is repicated in the band on the boater The girls wear a different style straw hat. Girls also wear bertets, this may be seasonal.


All of the children wear black blazers with the school crest.

Shirts and Blouses

The boys wear white shirts. The junior girls wear white blouses with large Peter Pan collars. Older girls appear to wear dresses with a white lapel. The girls also wear blouses with smaller collars with jumpers during the winter.


The school tie is black with white stripes. The boys wear it all year round. The girls appear to wear it seasonally.

Figure 2.--The boys wear short pants, although the seniors can wear longs. All the boys wear boaters. Click on the image to see the juniors.

Pants and Skirts

Boys wear black short pants to match the blazer. The older boys wrar long pants. The girls during the summer wear blue dresses with a different collar style for the older girls. During the winter they wear jumpers.


The boys wear black kneesocks with no top stripes. The girls wear white ankle socks.


The boys and older girls wear black oxfords. The younger girls wear black stripe shoes.

Additional Information

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Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 23, 1999
Last updated: November 23, 1999