Trinidad School Uniform

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Trinidadian school uniforms have basically followed British styles. As in all the former British Caribbean colonies, all elementary-age boys and presumably many secondary-age boys wore short pants. Knee socks were common. I'm not sure when styles began to differ from British styles. Girls uniforms are still basically British. All girls wear school frocks, jumpers, or skirts; shorts and pants are not worn. Boys styles, however, have changed. All schools appear to have uniforms. Khaki uniforms are particularly common, including all khaki uniforms and colored shirts with khaki pants. White shirts with blue pants are also common. The general pattern is for elementary-age boys to wear short pants and secondary-age boys wear long pants. There also do not appear to be any secondary schools wear boys wear short pants. Boys do not wear kneesocks. They do, however, wear mostly black leather shoes. Sneakers are not worn to school.

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