School Uniform: Australian School Regulations

Schools have differed greatly from country to country and over time in the required uniform pants. Australian school uniforms and regulations through the 1950s were much like British styles. Since the 1960s uniforms have become more casual. Most schools do insist on uniforms and the regulations concerning those uniforms can be quite detailed.

The 1990s

Here are some representative school uniform regulations in the 1990s.

Private prep school

Each A.C.G.S. Prep. School student is expected to wear the correct and complete uniform for daily attendance at School and for Sports activities. It is hoped that each boy (with the help of his family), will take pride in his personal appearance and thus ensure that his uniform is complete, fits well, is clean and tidy and in a good state of repair. Good appearance depends not only on his uniform but also on clean shoes and well trimmed hair. The School's requirement regarding hairstyles is that they be conservative in nature and befitting a boy of primary school age. They should bring no attention to the boy. Not accepted are undercuts, bowls, wedges, long fringes or any other aberration of a conservative haircut. He will then be a credit to himself, his family and his School. Boys' uniforms are inspected regularly. They are expected to wear their hats to and from school and when playing in the grounds during morning tea and lunch time. All boys must leave the school, at 3.10 p.m., in the correct school uniform. This includes those boys who have attended sport during the afternoon lessons.

The only school bags permissible are the regulation A.C.G.S. bags obtainable at the Clothing Shop. A boy's school bag is considered to be a part of his uniform and therefore should be kept in good condition. It is the School's policy that boys who deface their bags be required to clean off graffiti, stickers or other markings. Should the markings be unable to be removed, a new bag must be purchased.


1. Short Trousers: Grey available only from the Clothing Shop. Long trousers are not worn as uniform by boys in the Preparatory School.

2. School Shirt: Of blue and grey cloth manufactured by Lloyd Mason, or "Schoolene" brand cotton.

3. Dress Shirt: White, with attached collar. (A long sleeved white shirt is essential).

4. Tie: The School tie. Obtainable only at the Clothing Shop.

5. Jumper: Blue V-Neck with gold piping and the School crest.

6. Socks: Long dark grey with 2 blue bands. When purchasing, please ask for Preparatory School socks as socks for the Senior School boys are different.

7. Shoes: Black leather (rounded toes). Available from the Clothing Shop. ‘Matte’ black leather shoes are to be avoided.

8. Hat: Cloth hat - navy blue with School badge. ALL boys are required to wear this hat when playing at recess and lunch, as well as going to and from School. It is obtainable only at the Clothing Shop. The Akubra hat is not part of the Preparatory School uniform.

9. Belt: Black leather belt.

10. Sports Afternoons and P.E. Lessons: House T-shirt (a ‘Polo’ shirt, in the appropriate House colour) with the School crest. Navy blue shorts. ACGS sports socks, sandshoes, House football jersey (optional for Rugby season). Lycra Sun shirt (in House colours) for water activities. It is obtainable only from the Clothing Shop.

11. School Bags: Boys must use one or more of the following - School backpack, Single zip School bag, School sports bag. Each bag is grey with a gold School crest.

12. Blazers, Long Trousers and the Akubra Hat are worn by Senior School boys and are not part of the Preparatory School uniform.

** All garments must be marked with woven name tapes or name tags sewn on. (All items except sandshoes are available at the Clothing Shop.)


Private secondary school

The following orders of dress are to be worn by all students.

Summer Dress

This form of dress is worn for Term 1 and from the start of Term IV until the end of the school year.

All Students

1. Black school shoes (polished)

2. School long socks with garters

3. School charcoal grey short trousers

4. Black belt

5. School open neck shirt

6. School pullover (optional)

7. School grey hat

Winter Dress

This form of dress is used from Term II to the end of Term III.

Years 8. and 9

1. Black school shoes (Polished)

2. Short grey socks

3. Long grey slacks

4. Black belt

5. School open neck shirt

6. School pullover (optional)

7. School grey hat

Years 10,11 and 1 2

As for years 8 and 9 except the School Reefer Jacket is worn, and the Wearing of this item is
obligatory with Winter Dress.


1. Duty Officials may wear School Refer Jackets when on duty.

2. Students awarded a Representative Blazer may wear it at any time, unless directed otherwise.

3. Physical education dress is as follows

(a) gym shoes

(b) white socks

(c) Navy ruggers

(d) plain white T-shirt

(e) school track suits may be worn in cold and wet weather to PE. Classes.

4. Formal Dress (for formal occasions and as directed):

(a) Reefer Jacket for Years 11 and 12

(b) Long-sleeved blue shirt

(c) School tie

(d) Long grey slacks with black belt

(e) short grey socks

(f) Black shoes

(g) School pullover (as required)

5. The School Track Suit is required for wearing at, and as directed, travelling to, sports. A white T-shirt should be worn beneath the tracksuit top. Thongs/sandals are not part of the uniform. The School cap can be worn with the tracksuit.

Dress For Travel To and From School

1. Coming To School

You must always wear full School Uniform to travel to School each morning with the one exception of an official School or House sports practice that starts before 7.15 a.m.

2. Going Home

The normal dress to travel home at the end of the School day is School uniform. The following additional points are made:

Travel by Bus: School uniform is compulsory at all times.

Travel by Car: Provided you are collected within the School grounds sports uniform may be worn after Sport and Services. If you are collected on the road outside the School grounds then full uniform must be worn.

Travel by Bike: School uniform, unless after 5.00 p.m. following a sport practice.

Walking: School uniform, unless after 5.00 p.m. following a sport practice.

Please note:

(i) if you route home takes you through a business area e.g. Southport Shopping Area, Southport Park, you must invariably wear uniform.

(ii) You must never mix uniforms. You must be completely in School uniform or completely in P.E. dress or completely in correct uniform for your sport.

The School Hat

The School hat is compulsory for all boys in the Senior School and will be worn at School Assembly when held outside, and at all outdoor formal occasions: of course, the School hat is also appropriate dress for informal outdoor events. It is compulsory to wear the School hat while travelling to and from School with the single exception that cyclists while riding are to wear a helmet. The School cap is to be worn for P.E. Iessons, general sports training and outside recreational activities

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