Corduroy Bib-front Shorts

Figure 1.--This 3-year old English boy was photographed in bib-front shorts in 1947. Usually they were not worn with a tie.

Corduroy was and still is seen as a suitable material for small children. It is a heavy material suitable for cold weather and can take a lot of rough wear that younger children often require. Bibfront shorts were a popualr style for younger children beginning in the 1930s. Bibfromt shorts were made in many materail. Cord was not the most commom, but was one of the many materail.


I'm not sure swhen bib-front shorts first appeared. I believe it was probably the 1920s, but this has to be confirmed. The boy in the bib-fornt shorts here wasphotographed in 1947.


Insuffient information to address this topic in any detail at this time. Many bib-front shorts had pockerts. Buttons at the side were common devices to fasten cord shorts.


Insuffient information to address this topic at this time.


Bib-front shorts appear to have been a style for younger boysm desoite the materail. For the most part boys wore this style before beginning school. Some younger boys of 7 or 8 years of age may have continued wearing it.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 19, 1998
Last updated: April 26, 2000