White Knee Socks: Institutional/Activity Wear

Figure 3.--Some of the boys doing Irish dance choose white knee socks, but most of the boys prefer colored knee socks.

Various insitutions such as schools or youth groups have employed white kneesocks as part of their uniforms or costumes. Schools in various countries were the most common. Many European choirs also outfitted the boys wearing short pants in white kneesocks. Some youth groups have also used white kneesocks. This was particulartly true of the Young Pioneees, but the Scouts and other youth groups have employed white kneesocks as part of formal dress uniforms. We also note white kneesocks being used as part of band uniforms and dance costumes.

Band Uniforms

We note white kneesocks being used as pat of band uniforms. We have note Boy Scout, Hitler Youth, and Young Pioneer bands as ell as other youth groups with uniforms including white kneesocks. We notice other youth bands as well with uniforms that included white kneesocks. An example of this in America is a Missouri band in 1923.

Choir Uniforms

Many European choirs have had uniforms with shortpants and white kneesocks. This was most common in France, but Belgian, Bulgarian, and German choirs have also worn them.

Dance Costumes

We have noted bots wearing white kneesocks as part of various dance costumes. The more common seem to be Irish dance and German dance. We also note boys wearing white kneesocks for Highland dancing. These were commonly bulky knitted kneesocks.

School Uniforms

Schools in several countries have adopted uniforms with white kneesocks. This was particularly true with Belgian and French schools. In additiion, boys wearing smocks to school, often wore white kneesocks. This was common in Belgium, France, and Italy.

Youth Groups

Some Scout groups had uniforms with white kneesocks. This was particularly true with Belgian, French, and German Scouts. Sometimes they were part of dress or formal uniforms. For a time the Young Pioneers used white kneesocks as part of the uniforms, but not all boys wore them. White kneesocks were sometimes worn by English Cubs particioating in band contests. English Cubs normally wore grey kneesocks. For the band contests, the boys (and participating guides) would take care with their uniform. Some but not all of the Cubs would wear dressy white kneesocks.


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