Little Lord Fauntleroy Blouses: Color

Figure 1.--This late 19th century American painting shows a boy hunting a butterfly on a summer day. Unfortunately there is no provinance associated with this painting. Notice the boy's bright magenta Fauntleroy blouse. Also notice his ringlet curls.

Fauntleroy suits were often made in black velvet, but other dark colors such as blue, black, burgandy, and green were also made. The blouses, however, were usually made in white and cream to contrast best with the usually dark colored suits. Some color information can be found in the Fauntleoy blouse actual bouse section. Paintings and store catalog listings provide further information. While white and white shades like cream and ivory were the most common, Fauntleroy blouses were also made in a range of colors, including some quite bright colors. Here the black and white photography can give us only clues about actual colors. Painted portraits are much more helpful for the actual shades and colors. This was primarily because these blouses were often worn without the velvet Fauntleroy jacket which would be quite hot during the summer. Many images from the late 19th century show boys wearing these blouses without the jacket, although for formal portraits the jacket was usually worn. In which case the boy wore a white blouse. We have not noted images of boys wearing brightly colored Faiuntleroy blouses with a complelete Faintleroy suit.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: August 6, 2002
Last updated: August 6, 2002