American Eton Suits: Actual Modern Suits

Figure 1.--Classic Eton suits are still available, generally in sizes up to todler 4.

Eton suits are no longer commonly avaialble. Some companies, however, offer traditional classic clothes. Several companies offer Eton suits. Often the largest sizes they are now available in are only up to size 4. They are most commonly available in white and black or navy blue.

Regal Wear

One company, Regal Wear, offers this little ditty to its customers:

I am a prince, nobel and great

Ruler of my toy estate

I play the role with royal flair

Dressed in frocks from Regal Wear

"Our best seller! The eton jacket has three satin buttons, satin piping, and a mock breast pocket scarf. Included in the set are a short-sleeved, white shirt, a satin clip-on bow tie and elastic waist shorts. The suit is machine washable and made of 100% polyester. The shirt is poly/cotton. Retail $44.00. The suit is available in black and white in sizes from 12 months to toddler 4.

Figure 2.--One of the most common colors for Eton suits is now white.

The company also offers long pants Eton suits in sized up to 7.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: NFebruary 18, 2000
Last updated: February 18, 2000