Modern Velvet Suits: Personal Experiences

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Modern velvet suits have been worn by boys who are still around to provide the details to HBC. These individuals remember the velvet suits they wore as a boy. The brief accounts here have been provided to HBC. Most of these suits were not as fancvy as the ones once worn and saddle shoes have generally replaced strap shoes.

America, 1963

Although my personal recall is a bit dim, I do have specific memory of one velvet suit because of a picture my mother still possesses. I think I was 7 or perhaps 8 at the oldest. It was black or perhaps dark blue. The short pants hit well above the knee about mid thigh. the collarless jacket was hip length. White knee socks and traditional saddle shoes. The jacket was buttoned to a V neck and over it was displayed a white Peter Pan collar with what appears to be a nylon type (I called it 'prickly') lace ruffled trim. The collar was perhaps 2" with a 1/2" lace trim. The blouse collar extends half way across the shoulder with the lace ruffled trim fluttered up like little wings off the top of the shoulder. A 1963 Little Lord Fauntleroy.


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Created: May 7, 1999
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