Canadian Boys' Brigade

Figure 1.--Here we see an impressibe Boy's Brigade activity near St. John's, Newfoundland about 1900, just a few years before Scouting was founded. Put your cursor on the image to blow it up.

The Boys' Brigade quickly began spreading to other Empire countries spread across the United Kingdom and was becoming a worldwide organisation (early-1890s). Canadian boys began participating in the Brigade at a very early point (1889). hat as about two decades before Scouting. The Boys' Brigade owned a camp north of Toronto at Gravenhurst, Ontario. The last of the "Toronto companies" were the 11th and 9th. In addition, there were several companies in Hamilton Ontario (1st Hamilton), Montreal Quebec (6th, 8th Montreal and others), Winnipeg Manitoba, and Calgary Alberta. The Brigade was a largely Protestanr hroup. That limited its appeal in largely French Canadian Ontario. The string religious component of the Brigade meant that it did not compete well with the more secularly oriented Boy Scout movement. It was not just the religious element because many Scoutetrs had a religious orientation as well, but it was the more comprehensive, challenging program of the Scouts that tended to attract boys, including French Catholic boys in Ontario. One report suggests that the Brigade movrement in Cnada has declined significantly since the 1880s, but we have few details. The limited number of webpages on the interet suggests that this is the case, but we have very limited actual information.


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