Greek Scouting: Specialized Units

Figure 1.-- Here we see an unidentified Greek Sea Scout group in the 1950s.

Specialized scouting sections quickly appeared appeared in Greece. we see a Sea Scout troup even before a regular Scout troop. The first specialized group was the Seas Scouts. Greece of course has a long history of ships and involvement in maritime affairs. A very early unit established by Mark Mindler established was the the Third Sea Scout troop of Athens (3η Ομάς Αθηνών Ναυτοπροσκόπων) (1913). One report suggests that this was the first scouting group in Greece. The Sea Scouts are popular in coastal cities and islands. The first and second Scouting groups were to be established later for training Scout officers. The Third Sea Scout troop still is active in Athens. We have not been able to find much informton anout the program. There are also Air Scouts. One report suggests that Air Scouting is very popular \, but we have been able to find little actua;l information. The Sea Scouts are popular in coastal cities and islands. Greece also has Forest Scouts. his may be vecause that Scouting is not as popular today as it was in the 20th century.


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