American Boy Scouts: Uniforms

Figure 1.--A reader tells us, "I found this ABS buttons in the woods about 5" down in the soil. Perhaps they had a different design depending on where the button was on the jacket or for a different year." Presumably it came off a boy's uniform while he was camping. Source: Matthew Bustin.

We do not yet have detailed information on the ABS uniform. It appears to have been brown rather than olive green. Of course this is impossible to destinguoish in the black-and-white photographic record. The uniform was very similar to the BSA uniforms, including a long jacket and knickers/breeches. We think they also wore the wide-brimmed hat so associated with Scouting. We are not sure if there was a standard kerchief. One we note was yellow. The ABS patch seen here was worn on the right shoulder. We do not yet have photographs of ABS Scouts, but of course some od the Scout images in the archieve could be ABS Scouts as the uniform was so similar. Spotting the shoulder patch seems the best way of identifying the ABS Scouts in old photographs. we do have images of an ABS vintage uniform. There also were destinctive buttons on the uniform, but of course that is impossible to identify in photographs. Although dark buttons on light-colored uniforms might show up. A reader has sent along this photograph of an ABS button that he found (figure 1). [Bustin]


Bustin, Matthew. E-mail message, April 15, 2011.


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