Ring Bearer Costumes: 1995

Figure 1.--These boys at this 1995 wedding wear Eton suits. Normally solid color grey, black, blue, oe white Eton suits or worn. These boys, however, wear blue jackets with white shorts.

Ring bearers at modern American weddings generally feature the ring bearer in Eton suit or junior tuxedo. Only the most formal wedding may have te ring bearer in Fauntleroy-style knickers or shorts. British weddings are somewhat more varied with a variety of costumes for the ring bearer from Fauntleroy styles to kilts and military uniforms. I have less information on other foreign styles.


The ring bearer's role in a modern wedding is unchanged. He is the young boy in the wedding ceremony who brings the ring to altar--traditionally on a pillow rimmed with lace and ribbons. The ring bearer brings the pillow down the aisle before the wedding ceremony. Many believe that the ring bearer and other children serving as attendants can add a nice touch to a wedding.

Traditionla Styles

The ring bearer since Vicorian times has been outfiited in charming period outfits. Victorians choose to dress ring boys as pages harkening back to previous centuries. Some outfits are Jane Greeaway kneepants outfits with lace and ruffled collars. Other outfits include sailor suits, kilts, and velvet suits. Ring bearers in America have more commonly worn shirt pants Eton suits, either blue or white suits usually with white kneesocks.

Figure 2.--Usually white kneesocks are worn with with short pants, but these boys wear blue kneesocks. Usually black shoes are worn with blue kneesocks, but these boys wear white shoes.

A Modern American Wedding

The ring bearers in this wedding wear a blue Eton jackets, but with a double breasted affect. Ther blouses have classic Peter Pan collars. Notice how the collar does go all around the neck, but rather is split at the back. The blouses do not appear to be classic child's solid white blouses, but rather have some intricate work. The are also not worn like classic Perter Pan blouses, but rather the boys have small white bowties. The boys wear white whort pants in the longish style that has become popular in the 1990s. They wear blue kneesock and white shoes.

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Hardly the totally formal traditional white short pants ring bearer's suit with white knee socks. The bride, however, clearly wianted the boys had her wedding o have someting of a classical look and not just be scaled down versions of a little man.

Figure 3.--The boys wear traditional Peter Pan collars with their Eton suits. One boy wears a bowtie, usually Peter Pan collars are worn without ties.
general. For many boys it will be the first wedding they attend. Some boy may be enthusiastic. Others may be a bit concerned about what he has to do. One boy reportedly protested, "But I don't know how to bear rings." Being fitted for his costume may be a major event, especially for the modern boy who rarely wears formal clothes. Some boys may not like the formal clothes, so used as they are now to jeans and sneakers. The boy has to be carefully rehersed for the big day, especially younger boys who may concerned when he sees the church full of people on the big day.

Figure 4.--Note how the Peter Pan collar is split at the back.

Modern Wedding Conventions

The costumes for boys serving as ring bearers and ushers at formal weddings are often based on historic styles which have remained remarkably consistent over time. Some imaginative costumes were seen in the early 20th century, but have since become more standard. Many of our modern customs, practices, and conventions concerning the wedding ceremony developed during the Victorian era. The ring bearer at a Victorian wedding could be dressed in contemporary clothes or dressed in period costume.

Additional Information

Information on ring bearer costumes , experiences and specific weddings are available on these pages:


Many companies offer a huge amount of merchandice for weddings. Few companies specialize in children's wedding clothes, especially ring bearer outfits. Some information is available at:

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