Wedding Ring Bearer Experiences

Ring Bearer Memmories

Adults looking back on their boyhood remember the ring bearer or page costumes that they wore and the weddings they participted in:

America, 1946

My aunt ressed into being ring bearer at her wedding. I wasn't interested, but my parents inisted. It wasm\n't until the day of the wedding that I learned of the redculous costume she had selected for the ring bearer. I survive the wedding, but the wearing the little boy's outfit they had me dolled up in was really embarrassing.

America, 1958-64

  • I was a page in three weddings and a ring bearer in one. At 4, 7, and twice when I was 9 years old. This occurred from 1958-1964. I remember my outfits very well. My mother still has a photo of me in all occasions. One is in a frame in her hall. I wore a saffire blue velvet suspender shortculotte, with a white blouse, shoulder width ruffled round collar, white knee socks, and George Washington [buckle] slippers.

    America, 1970

    I was about 10 years old when I served as a ring bearer. It was 1962. Actually I was rather excited about it until I got a look at the costume my sister had selected for me. It was a white short pants suit with especially short shorts and white knee socks. I was horrified as it looked like such a sissy suit. I wore shorts to play in during the summer, but I never remember dressing up in shorts and wearing knee socks--especially white sissy-looking girlish knee socks. The wedding was bad enough, but I got into a fight at the reception after the wedding because my cousins were teasing me. John Hall

    Ireland, 1970s

    I was a pageboy three times at two of my aunts and one of my uncles weddings. I was aged 7, 9 and 12. The first two times I quite enjoyed myself but the third time I thought I was too old. When I was 7 and 9, I didn't mind wearing formal clothes as my mother often made me dress up in formal wear. The first pageboy suit I wore was the most fomal. It consisted of white stockings up to my knees, black velvet trousers, white shirt, pink bow-tie and cumberland and black velet hat. I remember I didn't want to hold hands with the flowergirl but the rest of the day I enjoyed. The second time I wore a sailor suit and at that wedding I had the most fun. The third time I thought was going to be dredful but wasn't to bad, as I only had to wear trousers, shirt, waistcoat and bow-tie. Even though for nearly a year later at every speical event I was made wear that suit. But luckly that years Christmas was the last time I was seen in that suit. EG (Ireland)

    Christopher Wagner

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    Created: March 30, 1998
    Last updated: September 20, 2000