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Figure 1.--This Mid-western American boy lived in Whicita during the 1920s. He wears suspender shorts, but the same color attached suspenders are so large that they looked like an early precursor of Shortalls. Note the large collar and shoulder buttons.

There are many web sites dealing with clothing, fashion, and fashion history. Most deal with women's fashions. Most of the rest deal with adult fashion which until the late 18th century basically were little different from children's clothes, except for their first few years when both boys and girls wore baby and toddler dresses. Some of the sites however, include interesting details on fashion trends for children. I haven't yet pursued these links thoroughly. If you have some time, you might want to pursue these links. Might guess is that they will produce some interesting information about children's fashions. I've just begun to build this page and we are interested in identifying other interesting fashion sites--especially those with information on children's clothing. Please provide us your favorite sites which you think should be linked here.

Fashion and Clothing Links

Here are some interesting clothing sites. We will add sites here that we think are particularly useful. Here we welcome reader suggestions as to clothing sites that we should link here.

Color: The Right Chemistry

Wearing color is part of the human experience. From time immemorial, colors were an integral part of the fiber of society and their presence, or absence, served a social function. They contribute to making us who we are as individuals and can speak of culture, beliefs and life stages. In the days of slavery, clothing of undyed and unbleached osnaburg fabric served to strip a person of their individuality. The somber yet saturated palette of blues and purples of Amish clothing is part of their culture and beliefs just as the tricolor scheme of revolutionary France.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

A reader working on a dramna club website tells us that the Cosmetic Contact Lenses website has great safety information on using cosmetic contact lenses. Areader tells us, "They've been used quite often by the kids in several of our school plays, so it might be a good thing to check out."

(La) Couturi�re Parisienne Website

This charming site which provides hundreds of images of fashions over time. This is a good source of information on women's and girls' fashions which many HBC readers have asked about. It may be especially interesting to Americans desiring to learn more about foreign fashion because it focuses primarily on European fashion.

(The) Costume Gallery

The Costume Gallery provides over 400 links to costume designers, goods and services, costume history, and recreational sites such as an online costume ball and online costume postcards. Created by Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier.

(The) Costume Page

A great list of history fashion links. This site provides a long list of very informative links ove a wide range of historical periods, beginning with ancient times. This well-researched site was created by Julie Zetterberg. It indexes over 2,000 costume and costume-related links such as museums and exhibits, costume history, ethnic and folk costume, theatrical costume, making and wearing costumes, and related sites.

(The) Costume Site

This very informative site was created by Lauren Podolak, an amateur costumer, provides access to costume, ethnic, and theatrical images, museums and history, organizations, and links to miscellaneous sites such as those covering corsets and underpinnings. This site is especially strong in its access to ethnic costume.

Fashion First

Provides a wide range of fashion information and offers. Unfortunately it is one of those sites which grabs you and doesn't allow you to back out of it.

Godey�s Lady�s Book

There are several sites that are in the process of providing access to this fascinating 19th-century fashion and life-style periodical. This link is to the University of Vermont. This important journal included fashion plates as well as poems, fiction, and advice articles. Altenative access: University of Rochester.

Hat site

This U.K. hat site is a wonderful resource about headwear. Quite a few articles can be read in Abobe. There is an effective search engine to find the information you are looking for.

Historical Fashion Resource

Here is an excellent collection of links to Western fashion sites from every historical period from Middle Ages to the 1920s. This is not a fashion site per se, but a collection of links to fashions sites. They have collected real hisyorical fashion sites and not sites which are a come on to sell something. The sites vry in vlu, but mny are very useful discussions of clothing and fashion. They are organized by historicl period anbd thus readers interested in specific historicl periods can easily get to the era of interst.

(The) History of Costume

C. Otis Sweezey reproduces the plates in the "History of Costume" or "Zur Geschichte der Kostume", which was printed from 1871 to 1880 in Munich. These plates reproduce 500 costume designs from antiquity to the end of the 19th century.


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(The) Regency Fashion Page

This site, created by Cathy Decker, links to three pages: the Real Regency Clothing Page, Regency Fashion Plates, and the Men�s Page, which show costume images from fashion journals and plates and photographs of actual regency garments.

Historic Children's Links

We will add links here to sites that have especially useful information on children's clothing rather than clothing in general.

Centuries of Childhood

This wonderful site has been prepared by the curator of the Kent State Museum, Anne Bissonnette, and contains clothing donated by alumni and others. Some of the more recent garments have attached photographs of the contributrs wearing them as children. Bissonnette states in her introduction, "The history of children's clothing reflects the attitude of adults toward childhood, as, until very recently, children had no voice in the matter." This is a major contention of HBC and one reason the study of children's clothes can provide valuable social and economic insights on the period as a whole.

British Schoolboy Uniforms

This fascinating site provides a pictorial survey of uniforms worn by British schoolboys over the years. The introduction tells us that "Great Britain is the birthplace of the school uniform and over the years schoolboys have worn a wide variety of official school dress. These pages illustrate a selection of these uniforms and provide some details of their history."


Here are some retailers offering theatrical or holiday costumes.

Costume Throughout History

Costumes have been used as an essential component of drama and acting for centuries. The use of costume to portray different characters dates back to ancient Greece, when Greek actors represented various roles using masks. Costumes have since evolved, with many elaborate creations used for film and theater. Many costumes have been analyzed and admired for their intricate construction, especially for the historical time period during which they appeared. The study and design of costume is a complex profession, providing for the appearance and character of entertainers to complete their performance.

Fancy Dress

This British retailer offers Santa Suits, Halloween Costumes and Fancy Dress from Funny Shop. Thousands of fancy dress costumes and fancy dress accessories ready for immediate dispatch. Buy your fancy dress costume, Santa suit, power ranger costume, Halloween costume, star wars costume and super hero costume from funnyshop and take advantage of our low cost postage.

Other Links

HBC will provde links to a variety of other web sites that provide interesting information or sevices. They are listed here for want of a more appropriate page at this time.

Academy of Art University: Fashion Design School

The Academy of Art University has a highly regarded Fashion Design School. The Academy (formerly known as Academy of Art College) was founded in San Francisco in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. Since then, it has gradually expanded to occupy almost 30 buildings in the downtown area and with an enrollment of approximately 8,700 students, it is the largest private school of art and design in the USA. University Students can choose to pursue AA, BFA, MFA, M-Arch, or Certificate programs in twelve majors: Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Architecture (MFA & M-Arch only), Computer Arts/New Media, Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture & Design, Motion Pictures & Television, and Photography. Students have the option to pursue many of their classes online. Actress Diane Baker heads the school's Acting program, which is the most recent addition to the university's degree offerings. Legendary ILM animator, Tom Bertino, heads the Graduate Dept. of the School of Animation.

WayBack Machine

This site is a virtual time machine for web sites. It is an internet archicve that stores old sites which the owners may have discontined or delted.

Public Service Links

We have also begun to create links to various groups involved in a range of educational, health, charitable, nd other public service activities to help increase their web profile. These are not fashion or history related sites, but rather sutes created by non-governmental groups involved in a range of important activities.


HBC also has a retail page. Our primary interest in the retail page is companies offering the classic clothing styles for children that HBC and HBC describe and assess. We have decided to create links for other companies which have contacted us. This is primarily to increase HBC's visability. Google and other search engines use the number of links leading to a site to decide how to rank that site in search results. The more links the higher a site ranks. HBC appears quite high in many searches, but is very low in other searches. They ranking process is quite complicated and we do not fully understand it. We have created these pages to increase the number of reciprocal links HBC receives. If readers know how to structure these links to make them more effective, just let us know. My undersanding is that Google does not rank links very highly that have huge numbers of links on a page. So we will limit the number of links on each of these pages.


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