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Figure 1.--HBC concentrates on fashion, but we offer information and images about childood in different historical eras and many different countries. The sailor suit was one of the most important childhood styles, worn by boys and girls. The sailor suit was especially popular in Germany.

We are glad you have found our Historical Boys Clothing website and related satellite sites. We hope that you find the written information in the site interesting and informative. We have amaassed information on a wide range of subjects from reasders all over the world and a wide range of jourmalistic and scholarly sources. You are probably wondering where the images are. There are in fact anout 20,000 pages and over 25,000 images. To see the images we ask that you register. Registration is simple, but critical in building our site. We would not only like to expand our coverage of sunjects and go into even more detail on the subjects cobered. We would also like to make our site available to you for free as an open access site. Unfortunately, the growing size of our site and especially the steadily increasing bandwith usage as our readership increases has made this impossible. We need to ask for your support (either time in building the site or your financial support) so that we can continue to make our site available to you and to expand the depth of our coverage. .

Open Access

We have tried to maintain HBC as a largly open-access site. We have amaassed information on a wide range of subjects from reasders all over the world and a wide range of jourmalistic and scholarly sources. We want the information we have gathered to be available all over the world to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, the growing size of our site and especially the steadily increasing bandwith usage as our readership increases has made this impossible. There are substantial charges both for data storage and bandwith. Bandwith means site usage. Essentially evertime you click on a HBC page, HBC gets charged for bandwith usage. I know we are all used to viewing internet sites for free, but the internet is not free. And thus we need to finance HBC. For a while we used free services, but we quickly outgrew their size limits. In addition, the pop-up ads were both distracting and sometimes inappropriate. HBC is written for adults, but we know that many children and teenagers visit HBC as part of their school research assignments. Thus we do not allow any kind of outside pop-ups which are not only annoying, but all too often are in poor taste. Many sites finance their opperation by selling adds and pop-ups which install cookies on your computer. We do not do this. HBC is completely free of distracting popups and spywear that can cause all kinfs of problems to your computer.

Material Contributions

The HBC staff can only address so many topics. We have covered quite a range of subjects, but there are many more topics we would like to address and additional countries we would like to cover. We offer complimentary access to readers who are willing to contribute information useful in building our site. This information can be contributed in whatever language the reader speaks. We are interested in both individual boyhood experiences as well as analyitical papers on historical and social subjects. If you are interested, just send us an eMail and we can discuss it. We understand that even these low fees are beyond the capability of some readers, especilly retirees and students in developing countries. We thus encourage interested readers to contribute information. We also hope that our readers will also contribute to building HBC with their personal experiences, insights and images. Reader comments and material are a major part of our website. Material from other countries in particular is very important to building our site. One of the interesting aspects of HBC is the opportunity to compare boyhood clothing and experiences to those in other countries. We have done this partially through published sources, but the personal experiences of our readers are invaluable.

Financial Contribution

Some readers may not have the time or inclination to contribute material to help build HBC. They may want to support HBC by making a financial contribution. HBC offers a variety of subscription plans for readers. We have endevored to keep the prices very low and to create plans suited to the needs of our readers. We have a regular subscription plan providing full access for an entire year. We also offer a limited 1-month subscription for students and other readers who just want access for a limited period. And we also have a library/school plan so that patrons and students can freely access the HBC site.

New Subscriber Notice

HBC send you an eMail with the access information with the access codes very shortly after you subscribe. Paypal is susposed to inform us when you make your subscription. When this happens we then send you the access instructions. This usually takes only a few minutes. Sometimes for reasons we do not fully understand, Paypal fails to do this. We thus suggest that after subscribing that you send us an eMail. This will alert us to your subscription and we will get the access instructions to you quicker. Just use the eMail link below to send us an eMail message.

New Page Alert

Many of our readers like to know what projects on which HBC is currently working. The $25 annual contribution fee includes a complimentary new page alert service. Just let us know if you are interested and we will notify you by e-mail when we create a new page or add to an existing page. There is no aditional charge for this service. This is an optional service. You can also see additions to HBC on our New Pages section.

Privacy Statement

HBC has a very simple privacy staement. Our list of registered memembers is used for only two purposes. One to provide access to the images on the various pages. Two to alerte readers to new pages. The list is never used for any other purpose or provided to any one for commercial purposes.

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