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Boys' Clothing Glossaries

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Figure 1.--Younger boys in the 1890s often wore their suits with large ruffled collars.

We have begun to build a glossary of boys' clothing terms. It is in effect both a glossary and index combined as there will be hotlinks to the appropraite HBC pages. As boys clothes until the 19th century was the sane as adult male clothing, we have included many applicable men's clothing terms. We have also included some women's terms as younger boys commonly wore dresses until the 20th century. We also have included non-clothing terms such as activities that have clothing associated with them.

As HBC is extensively used by non-native English speakers we plan to give considerable attention to this glossary so that words can be looked up. It will also serve as an index as we will provide links to the appropriate pages. We eventually hope to add foreign wordsm but it will be some time before we get to that.

English Language Glossary

Our English-language glossary can be accessed from this tabular selector. We include here both English and American terms as well as terms that are used in other English speaking countries. Our English glossary includes many foreign words. Many of the foreign words are Frenchb terms, especially French words which have been incorporated into the English languages. This is an indication as to just how important France has been in the world of fashion.

We have just begun to construct our glossary, so don't expect too much just now, but we will gradually build it. Readers are incouraged to submit terms and definitions that you believe should be included in our glossary/index.Do let us know if you can think of any particularly imprtant item that should be included.

Alphabetical English Glossary Pages
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Word Wizzard

A HBC reader has informed us of a wonderful on-line source with information on English language word usage as well as a way of asking about the usage and development of modern terms. Readers are encouraged to use Word Wizzard if they want to persue specigic clothing and fashion terms used in HBC. Please let us know if you learn any interesting information.

OneLook Dictionary Search

The OneLook Dictionary Search is an excellent way of getting a quick definition as well as consulting a number of different dictionaries on a word of interest. My experience is that some of the links such as MSN Encarta take for ever to load, but may work better for readers with a fast connection.

Foreign Language Glossaries

We will archive foreign language terms here. We will use English language definitions, although we may try to add foreign language definitions in the future. At the least the alphabetical listing of foreign terms will help our non-English speakers find the topics of interest. Again this project will require some time to persue so it will be a while before we will be able to compile a substantial list.


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