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Viewing Images on the Boys' Historical Clothing Web Site

Figure 1.--There are images for all HBC picture boxes with captions. For information on how to view these images, click here.

Many readers have written to us to ask why the images do not show on many HBC pages. We explain this on our home page, but many readers enter HBC through Google subject searches rather than than our home page. The reason the images do not show is simply the cost of Web hosting. Contrary to popular belief, the internet is not freee. We can not aford the cost of the bandwith needed to bring all the images to the thousands of people visiting our site. We need to ask your support so we can make our site site available to you. Obtaining the necessary access codes is quite simple and very inexpensive. We keep our subscription price very low so that our site is available to as many people as possible. And we also offer free access to contributors. For details see contributions. Once you enter the required pass codes, the images will automatically appear.


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