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old time baseball
Figure 1.--This American boy is out to play baseball. He wears the knickers that were common in America until the 1940s. This photograph was probably taken in the 1910s as he wears long stockings rather than knee socks.

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Historical clothes for boys will seem remarkable to the modern parent. Even the most fashion conscious mom will marvel at the elegant brocades, lustrous velvets, silks, taffetas, printed, striped and flowered cottons, and laces from which boys' clothes were once made. Clothes included christening, school and party suits, coats, caps and hats, and shoes. The historical paintings and photographs illustrating the various styles should charm anyone susceptible to the enchantment and beauty of childhood and prove, as well, a storehouse of ideas for those concerned with fashion and design. Reflecting the modes and manners of the times in which they were made and worn, the costumes in this display should delight the eye and also touch the heart -- and they will no doubt recall some associations and many memories.


Many of you have submitted a variety of interesting comments about HBC. We welcome your comments. We appreciate the kind recognition of our work and the helpful suggestions about how to improve the site.


Thank you for your interest in our website. Contribution from visitors to our website is the live blood of HBC. Only through your contributions can HBC adequately covered the myriad of topics associated with boys' fashions. I would like to think of it as a cooperative effort with you. Your comments and contributions would be of great interest. Perhaps you have some interesting ideas about further additions.

Frequently asked questions

Many of you have asked a variety of subjects about this web site. As I want to reserve my limited available time for actually working on the web site. I am interested in your questions and will respond to those addressing the substantive topics addressed here. I thought I'd answer the more commonly asked questions here.


One of the purposes of this website is to try to see what social trends in different countries can be found by assessing clothing styles. Just what do popular trends in fashion tell us about the countries or times? I am posting here some of the major questions that have occurred to me. I'd be very interested in any insights you have or any other questions you think we should be considering.

Satellite sites

HBC principal site has more than 3,000 pages and about 6,000 images. HBC offers several satellite sites with specialty information about boys' clothing topics. These include the Presidential, Royal, and Youth Uniform sites. These specialty sites are accessible in the same way you have obtained access to the main HBC expanded site. HBC at this time has three principal satellite sites. They are smaller than the main expanded site, but have fairly large and growing collections of informative essays and illustrative images. HBC offers several satellite sites with specialty information about boys' clothing topics. These include the Presidential, Royal, School Uniform, and Youth Uniform sites.

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HBC is rather a large site, probably the largest independent fashion site on the internet. Some have reported trouble finding information of interest. I am sure the organization could be improved, how to do so is another question. When ever you have a large site, there are going to be organizational problems. At any rate, the Excite search engine should help you find some pertinent pages.

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