questions concerning boys clothes

Questions Concerning Boys Clothing Styles

Figure 1.--This American boy at the turn of the century wears a knit suit and poses before his beloved hobby horse. Note the patent leather strap shoes.

HBC is addressing a wide range of questions. In addition HBC readers have submitted quite a number of more specific questions. We thought some of these questions might be of interest to you.

Questions HBC Is Addressing

One of the purposes of this website is to try to see what social trends in different countries can be found by assessing clothing styles. Just what do popular trends in fashion tell us about the countries or times? I am posting here some of the major questions that have occurred to me. I'd be very interested in any insights you have or any other questins you think we should be considering.

Readers Questions

HBC readers have submitted a wide range of questions about boys clothes. We thought some of these questions might be of interest to you. HBC has been able to address someof these questions. Others remain a mystery.

School Questions

Schools in different countries have found HBC to be a valuable historical resource. Children are intrigued by what life was like for people their age and how they dressed in various historical eras. Here are some of the questions received and HBC's answer.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: March 30, 1998
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