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HBC Images

Readers have asked about viewing the images and other questions associated with the images. Access to the images is very easy to obtain. Just click on "Image Acess" below to learn how. Here We also have some suggestions about viewing the images.

Image Access

We hope that you find the HBC site interesting. We would like to make our site available to you for free as an open access site. Unfortunately, the growing size of our site and especially the steadily increasing bandwith usage as our readership increases has made this impossible. We need to ask you for your financial support so that we can continue to make this site available to you. We have had to password protect most of the images. For us to bring our site to you, we need to ask for your support. Click here for details.

Image Size

Some readers have inquired about the size of the images on the various HBC pages. Our general approach is to post large images that permit readers to view clothing details. Many readers appreciate this. Some readers would like the images to display at a smaller size so the entire image can be view on the browser screen. Actually, it is possible to adjust your browser settiongs so that you can adjust the size at which images display. I know from my e-mails that many readers do not know how to adjust the image size on their browsers. This is a bit complicated to explain in that there are so many different browsers. I'm not sure how to explain it. Perhaps our more computer literate computer experts can help here.

Blank Image Boxes

The vast majority of HBC pages have images. There are, however, still a number of blank image boxes like the image box here. Note that there is no caption. This means that we have not yet found a suitavle image. Some pages in the history sections in particular do not yet have images. That means that we have not yet found a suitable image, but would be very interested in any suggestions that you can offer. You can easily tell. With only a few exceptions, any image box that has a caption describing an image should obviously have an image. If you find one that does not, please let us know and we will look into it.


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