Ring Bearer Confusion

Boys are sometimes confused about weddings and the roles they play in them. One aunt reported a conversation with her nephew, Drew.

Drew on the bridesmaids dresses: (while looking at a picture of a navy blue strapless gown, which I think hideous by the way) How does that thing stay up? (It's really tight Drew [not wanting to get into the breast thing].) That doesn't look very comfortable...(It's not Drew.) Well I think that's the dress your sister and friend should wear, it's COOL!

Drew on the flowerboy/ring bearer: Aunt Amy, who is going to be your flower boy? (Drew boys are ring bearers and girls are flower girls.) Oh, so who's going to be the flower boy? (Well Trey's cousin Blaine is going to be the ring bearer) Well who's going to be the flower boy. (Drew, I don't know any little girls, so we are just going to have a ring bearer.) You could put Jack in a dress, he could be a flower boy.

And then I thought, who says there can't be flower boys? So, we are having two flower boys who will present roses to the moms before the processional, and Jack doesn't have to wear a dress.***

Drew on the ring bearer, after I convinced him that boys were ring bearers and girls were flower girls- Miss Amy, what does a ring bearer do? (Well, they carry a pillow with two rings on them.) The real rings? (No, they are usually fake rings, tied on to the pillow so the real ones don't get lost) Oh, if they were the real rings, I'd take them and sell them to buy Beanie Babies. (*shakes head and wonders what this world is coming to*)

Christopher Wagner


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Created: March 30, 1998
Last updated: September 6, 1998