Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: J. Niels Frederik Schi th-Jensen (Denmark, 1888-1941

Figure 4.--This portrait is unidentified and undated, but looks to be of a Danish boy painted in the 1920s. He wears a velvet garment with lace trimming, but it is difficult to determine just what kind of garment it was.

The Painter

I know nothing about this painter. He is apparently Danish. One source gives his dates as 1885-1941. Other than this I have been unable to find any information about him. HBC has found one painting he executed that does look rather like a Danish boy.


We believe the boy is Danish. The painter's nane sounds Danish and the painting was being sold by a Danish dealer. In addition, the boy looks to be Danish or at least German or Scandinavian.


I'm not sure how to date the image, but the short sleeves suggest perhaps the 1920s, probably not earlier. The authors age, suggests his paintings would not have begun until about 1905, but short sleeve outfits were not common at that time.


The portrait is quite nively executed, but as it is primarily a facial portrait, we can not see much of the garment he is wearing. It appears to be some kind of back buttoning or pullover velvet top with lave trimming in a kind of sailor "V" neck. It could be a dresss, but by the 1920s it was becoming uncommon for even younger boys to wear dresses. The short sleeves also have velver trim.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 20, 2001
Last updated: May 21, 2001