John Singer Sargant: The Wertheimer Children

Figure 1.--This Sargent painting of 19?? depicts Essie, Ruby, and Ferdinand Wertheimer. Ferdinand wears a classic Eton suit, the formal dress for boys at the turn of the century that had graduated from Fauntleroy and sailor suits. The Eton suit became standard dress wear for affluent British and American boys.

Sageant painted Essie, Ruby, and Ferdinand Wertheimer in 19??. I know nothing about the family at this time. The portrait is one of Seargent's several family compositions. The Eton collar was a dominant fashion at the time Sargent painted, especially among American and British boys. Several of the boys in his portraits are shown wearing Eton collars. Ferdinand wears a classic Eton suit, the formal outfit for boys that had graduated from Fauntleroy suits and sailor suits.


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Created: June 21, 2002
Last updated: February 1, 2004