French Boys Clothes: Actual Clothing

Figure 1.--There are avid collectors of vintage clothes. This French collector has displayed some of his collection om manequins to be photographed. Sailor suits were a boys' style that was commonly worn with both short and long pants. Other outfits were more likely to be made with short pants.

Old photographs and most illustrations are black and white. Many are also not clear enough to show clothing details. This photographs of old garments can provide useful information. Old clothing is often displayed in museums and very accurately dated. Collectors have photographed their personal collections, although they vary as to how well they have cataloged the items. Other images are available from vintage clothes sales.

Mannequin Photographs

A HBc reader has provied HBC a series o photographs of historical clyjing photographed on mannequins. They are referre to as "lay figures". The images were prouced by the French photography artist Bernard Faucon in the 1980s. He photographed quite a lot of these lay figures in a artistic way. In photography circles he's quite famous for this work. HBC is reluctant to make extensive use of his images without first obtaining his permission. We do not, at this time, have his address, but do hope to eventually contact him.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 6, 2001
Last updated: April 7, 2001