* French boys clothes : family snapshot 1947 beach resort

French Family Snapshot: Beach Resort (1947)

Figure 1.-- Here we see a French family in the late 1940s after World war II. It looks to be a mother who has dressed the children up in summer outfits. The snapshot was probably taken by father in the family's back yard. After World War II the photographs often are poor quality. The boys at the left were often dressed in rompers throughout the year. They had both Summer and Winter rompers.

We note an uidentfied French family on an outing. It looks lke an outing into the countryside, but actually the were at a seaside resort. We think that they are posed along a rocky coast. The beach was apparently behind the camera. It was Perros-Guirec, a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor department in Brittany in northwestern France. It has been a seaside resort since the end of the 19th Century. The family snapshot was taken in 1947. It must have beeb taken durung the summer vacation--probably August. The fact that many of the children ar not wearing socks is a strong indicarior that the snapshot was taken durung the summer. This obviously can not be a nuclear family, we suspect it is, however, an extended family with lots of cousins. Even though they are on an outing, every one is dressed up in suits or prim dresses. Notice the boys with suits andcties are all wearing white shorts. The chikdren wear sandals or strap shoes. We wonder if they have just come from church. The yonger boy is wearing a dressy vwhire romper suit -- barboteuse. They are not dressed for the beach ior even outdoor play.


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