French Boys Clothes: Garments--Shorts Sets

Figure 1.--This card was not postally used, but we believe it dates to the mid or late-1940s after World War II. The younger boys wears suspender shorts and a fancy blouse. The older boy a matching shorts set. Note the Peter Pan collar. Because of the bely I can not tell if it is a one- or two-piece garment. Since the belt does not have any loops, it decorative. It seems to be a one piece outfit unless the belt is covering some buttons.

HBC has noted a variety of shorts sets. These are outfits where the top matches or is coordinated with the short pants. These included two-piece outfits, button-on outfits, and one piece outfits. They were may in both dressy and play versions. Some were rather in vetween, perhaps not dressy enough for church, but too dressy for play. The dressy versions often had Peter Pan collars. Usually they were not worn with ties, although on the dressy outfits the collar was buttoned. Many of these outfits wre made with self belts which are in some cases meelt decorative. The belts are usully the same material and color as rge shorts. The shorts set were made in many different colors. They were usually solid colors, but the play suit sets might have stripped "R" shirts. HBC begins to notice these outfits in the late 1920s and they contintued to be worn through the 1950s. At this time, HBC does not have a good idea of the realtive prevalence or populariry pf these outfits or how they baried over time.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: December 5, 2001
Last updated: December 5, 2001