Boys Historical Clothing Essays: Marketing to Children

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"Money talks." Nothing could be more trite or more true. A major need here at HBC is to explore the rise in prominence of children as a distinct market sector in the economy. This assessment has to looking at the social construction of childhood and the evolution of the parent/child relationship. HBC at this time does not fully understand the factors that have acted on the parent/child relationship. A number of factors can be noted. The declining authority of father. Chaning disciplinary practices. The rise of the mas media and children's exposure to it. Increasing earnings of teenagers. Children in the 19th century did not work in the modern sence of coming from an affluent family and being able to keep their income for dicretional spending on clothes, music, and fast food. Thus practice of seeking a part time job after school is especially America. The 19th century boys who worked geerally had to contibute their meager earnings for the family's basic needes. The seadily increasing buying power of modern children has meant that clothing manufacturers had to appeal to their rather than their parents' tastes. While it is mostly teenagers that have such jobs, teenagers paly an important role in setting fashions that younger children want to wear.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: August 7, 2001
Last updated: August 7, 2001