Dutch Mail Order Catalogs and Advertisements with Boys Clothings: The 1950s

Figure 1.--After World War II, Dutch boys began wearing casual jackets. This one from a 1951 fashion magazine looks to have been incfluenced by American flight jackets.

Dutch mail order catalogs and advertisements offer a very useful time line on changing fashion trends. Many casual styles emerged after World War II, including jackets. These catalogs show a some important trends in the Netherlands. Boys except the very youngest are no longer wearing short pants to dress wear. Shorts were increasingly becoming casual wear. The shorts that boys do wear, mostly during the summer, are quite short and often very colorful.



A womans magazines show boys wearing rompers and short pants suits in the early 1950s. Younger boys might even wear a lace collar for formal events and shorts with button on styling. Older boys might wear casual jackets.









Christopher Wagner

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Created: August 30, 2001
Last updated: August 30, 2001