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Child raising manuals and advise on child raising in popular magazines became increasingly common place in the 19th and early 20th century. This genre appeared in the mid-18th century with Rosseau's Emily. These mannuals and articles provide a great deal of useful information on clothing and a host of related topics concerning childhood.


Here are some of the classic mannuals.

Jean Jacques Rosseau, Emily.



Some of the magazines that most commonly ran articles on fashion and child raising included the following:


Some articles HBC has found that were particularly useful included:

Family Letters and Anthogies

A great deal of useful information can be found in antholgies of familes letters. This is a source HBC hopes to pursue in greater detail.

Molly Ladd-Taylor, ed., Raising a Baby the Government Way: Mothers' Letters to the Children's Bureau, 1915-1932 (New Brunswick : Rutgers University Press, c1986): Though not excerpted from manuals, it gives an interesting view not only of the advice that was given to mothers but of their concerns and questions.

Scholarly Reviews

Some scholarly work has been conducted assessing xhild rearing practices, using the above materials as promary sources.

Daniel Beekman, The Mechanical Baby

Julia Grant, Raising Baby by the Book: The Education of American Mothers (1998): This history of American child-rearing manuals from the 19th century through the 1950s contains some excerpts and quotations.

Philip Greven, Child-Rearing Concepts 1628-1861. This marvelous study is a wonderful review and assessment of historical literature.

Christina Hardyment, Dream Babies: Child Care Manuals from Locke to Spock. This book was published in revised and expanded form in 1995 under the title of "Perfect Parents".

Christopher Wagner

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