Liechtenstein Royalty: Franz Joseph II

Figure 1.--This photograph looks to have been taken in the early 1950s. It shows the family of Prince Franz Joseph II, including his wife Georgina of Wilczek and four of their five children. The boys wear long knickers.

Franz Joseph was born in 1906. His father was Prince Aloys (1869- ), a grandson of Aloysius II. His mother was Elisabeth Amalia Habsburg-Lotharingen (1878- ). Prince Franz Joseph II ruled Liechtenstein for 51 years. He in 1938 was the first Prince ever to take up residence in the castle of Vaduz. Franz Joseph married Georgina of Wilczek in 1943 during World War II. They had five children: John III Adam (1945- ), Philip Erasmus (1946- ), Nicholas (1947- ), Nora (1950- ), and Franz Joseph of Wenceslas (1962- ). The boy appears to have been dressed alike as children. In one curious images all the boys wear the same long knickers, but with both belts and suspenders. Franz Joseph II died in 1989 and was succeeded by his eldest son John III Adam.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 14, 2002
Last updated: May 14, 2002