Liechtenstein Royalty: Hans Adam II

Figure 1.-- Hans Adam II and Mary Aglae Kinsky had four children: Alois, Maximilian, Constantine, and Tatiana in a photograph that looks to have been taken about 1976-77.

Franz Joseph II von Liechtenstein was in 1984 succeeded by his oldest son Hans Adam, who in 1989 took the name Hans Adam II. He married Mary Aglae Kinsky in 1967. They had four children: Alois (1968- ), Maximilian (1969- ), Constantine (1972- ), and Tatiana (1973- ). Prince Hans Adam was granted all the Regency's executive powers in 1984 and rose to the throne upon his father's death in 1989. Hans Adam in late 1993 he revised the Hausgesetz (the 'house code' of the ruling family), including the right for the population constitutionally to depose him or even abolish the monarchy altogether if they so wished.


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