Yugoslavian Royalty: Individual Rulers

Figure 1.---Here we see King Alexbnder and Queen Marie with the three princes. Peter is the older boy. I'm not sure when the portrait was taken, probably about 1932.

Yugoslavia was created after World War I around Serbia and other Balkan provinces/pricipalities with Slavic populations (Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Slovenia). The state was declared the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in Belgradev (December 1, 1918). The king of Serbia became the monarch of the new state. It was subsequently renamed Yugoslavia. The monarchy was terminated by the Communists following World War II.

Peter I

King Peter ruled during turbulent times. He was King of Serbia when nationalist passions were rising in the balkans--especially the desire for independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This resulted in the assasination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and a Austo-Hungarian invasion to punish Serbia--leading to World War I. Serbia defeat when the Germans intervned, but were rewarded in the pec settlement, leading to the formation of Yugoslvia.

Prince Alexandar (Regency)

Prince Alexander, Serbian Regent, during the illness of his father, Peter I, reigned under a provisional giovernment. The establishment of constitutional government was delayed by a series of boundary disputes with neighbiring countries, including former World War I ally Italy. Despite opposition by the Croats, a highly centralized Yugoslav Government was established by a conservative coalition.

King Alexandar II

Alexander was crowned King in 1921 after the death of his father King Alexander I, who had acted as Regent for his ailing father since 1914, had earned national fame as a soldier in the Balkan Wars and the First World War. He married Princess Marie of Romania in 1922. They had three sons: Crown Prince Peter, Prince Tomislav, and Prince Andrej (figure 1). I have little information on how the princes were raised and dressed.

Prince Paul (Regency)

Peter I had one younger brother, Arsen Karadjordjevic born in 1859 who lived until 1938. Arsen had one son, Paul Kara-Georgevic (1893- ), who became Prince Regent of Yugoslavia in 1934. He died in 1976.

King Peter II

King Alexander's son, Crown Prince Peter, was only 11 years old at the time of his death when he became King. Three Regents were appointed. His great-uncle Prince Paul--married to Princess Olga of the Hellenes (Greece)-- became the Prince Regent. Constant pressure from The German Government after the NAZI rise to power brought Yugoslavia increasingly into the German orbit through a series of trade and diplomatic agreements. This policy was unpopular, especially with the Serbs.


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