Lederhosen Construction: Shorts--Front Fall Flap

Figure 1.--This German ad, probably from the 1970s, shows both a boy and girl wearing in this case identically styled lederhosen--although different colors. As with many inexpensive mail order lederhosen, the front flap is a single pieces rather than the classic five pannel construction. The construction of the front is simpler, presumably done for reasons of economy.

A very caracteristic element of the casual lederhose is the flap in front. There are two kinds of fastening for the flap: 1) two buttons and 2) a doublet zip fastener. The most common type is the button type. Zippers did not appear in Germany until after World War II (1939-45) and thus are of fairly recent origin. Even in the post-war period, however, the button flap has continued to be the most common. The button flaps can be plain or decorated. The zipper flaps are usually undecorated.


Button Front

The fall front is the classic construction of lederhosen. The flap is held up with two buttons, the flap is made from five panels of leather, four vertical with one across the top. In this pair can be seen the common features of boys' lederhosen. The buttons are quite large, made of composite material, plastic or on superior pairs horn. The buttons are held on with a strap of leather, passed through a hole punched through the waistband and sewn onto the inside of the waist. The classic flap is made of five pannels sewn together. Some inexpensdive lederhosen have a fall front that is only one piece. The construction of the front is simpler, presumably done for reasons of economy.

Zipper Front

A zip each side of the flap provide a fall front, the zips are pulled up behind the belt. Under the flap the waist crosses over and is held with a press-stud or a button.


Lederhosen are kept closed by a fastening under the flap, either buttons as shown here or with a press-stud as used with a zippered front. The number of buttons vary. Most pairsd have two buttons. Cheaper pairs have just one and some better quality pairs may have threer.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: July 31, 2001
Last updated: July 31, 2001