Lederhosen Conventions: Folk Events

Figure 1.-- This boy wears a very elaborate pair of black lederhosen for a German ethnic events. This boy was photographed in Bavaria. Notice the destinctive decoration on his lederhosen. Notice the folk-styled jacket he wears with his lederhosen.

Today lederhosen in the popular mind are increasingly seen as folk costuming. In many countries such as the United States the only time one sees lederhosen is at German ethnic events such as October Fests. In Germany and other Alpine countries they are increasingly worn by boys or adults participating in folk festivals. Currently they are most commonly worn at folk festivals and other such events. Some of the lederhosen worn for these festivals have quite destinctive styling. Boys are much less likely to wear lederhosen for play, but may wear them at a folk costume. Lederhosen are not new as a folk costume. HBC has noted them being worn as folk costuming in the early 20th century. What is different now is that earlier they were also worn for other purposes as well. Today folk costuming is becoming the primary use for lederhosen. These folk costumes are probably most common in Bavaria and Austria. They are also often seen in October fest events in America.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: September 7, 2001
Last updated: September 9, 2001