German Lederhosen: Boys' Wear--Stylistic Details

Figure 1.--This German ad, probably from the 1970s, shows a boy wearing a very plain halter with his lederhosen. He has a button fly flap and black and red detail around the pockets. His lederhosen do not have a cuff.

German boys wore their lederhosen with a number of varying stlistic detailing. Lederhosen could be worn with or without attachable halters. Itvappears that the halters were almost alwats worn as part of folk costume or when dressing up with a jacket. Younger boys also commomly wore the halters. For rough outdoor wear, such as scouting, many older boys did not wart the halters. Many lederhosen also had detailing around the pockets. The fly was usuallu a drop down affair that buttoned at the waist. Some lederhosen had zippers--but this was not common. Many lederhosen were worn with suff-like hems. Presumably this was a way of lengthening them as the boy grew older. This cuff was less common on adult lederhosen.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: March 5, 2001
Last updated: March 5, 2001