Lederhosen: Side Views

Figure 1.--Notice the "v" cut out ion this Scout's lederhosen and the laces to tie them up. I'm not sure what this is all about.

To get a complete idea of the lederhosen garment it is necessary to view them from the side. The sides are less important than the front or back, but there are features to note. There does seem to have commonly been a small "V" or other cut out at each side with laces. I was not sure what this was all about Often there was some laces here. I was initially not sure what this was all about as of course few American boys wear lederhosen and we were not familiar with this feature. I thought perhaps it was ornamental. A European reader has provided some insights on this question. The anwser is actually quite simple. Lederhosen are very often worn cuffed upwards, in which case the "v" cut makes it easier with sometimes solid leather to bend. The lace also in leather, will then keep everything in place. Lederhosen are, however, meant to be worn several years, so when the boy becomes to tall (or the lederhose to short) he can easily lenghten the lederhose by simply turming doen the cuff. Normally the laces are kept as a decoration. HBC knows of few other side elements and the important halter could not be seen from the side. Some lederhosen have pockets and the decorative elements on some lederhosen pockets can sometimes be seen at the side, although have pockets set more to the front.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 23, 2001
Last updated: May 23, 2001