Figure 1.--The above the knee knicker style was primarily an American fashion. This boy wears rather baggy knickers, but they are fastened above the knee. Note the boy's sailor hat with the brim turned down--a popular fashion in the 1910s.

Above-the-Knee Knickers

American boys wore knickers through the 1930s or casual wear and to school. These pants were made in many different materials. Corduroy was popular for school and during the winter. Lighter fabrics were more popular in the summer. Knickers and knee socks were mostly worn with long stockings at the turn of the century. Kneesocks became increasingly common by the 1910s. The adoption of kneesocks by the Baden Powell's fledgeling Boy Scoutvmovement was an imprtant factor. Younger boys in the 1910s might wear abkle socks with knickers or short pants, but this was rare for older boys through the 1910s. This began to change in the 1910s when many boys would go barefoot during the summer. These boys also behan wearing their knickers with akle socks--at least during the hot summer months.


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Created: January 5, 1998
Last edited: January 5, 2000