** Eton collars Peru

Eton Collars: Peru

Figure 1.--This Peruvian boy was photographed in Lima during 1917. Note his stylish boater hat.

A fashionalble Peruvian boy from an affluent family of European origin in the late 19th and early 20th century might wear a suit with an Eton collar. I believe that tghsi was common throughout Latin America at the time. Most Peruvian boys at the time, however, were very poor and still not wearing European fashions. The boy seen here was photographed in Lima on January 18, 1917. He seems to be wearing a large tie with his Eton collar, but the image is indestinct. He wears a kneepants suit with long dark stoclings anf high button shoes. I believe the boy's name was C. Landázuri.


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Created: August 14, 2002
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