Lace Collars: Color

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Modern Outfits

The lace collar as boys wear is generally associated weith historic styles such as the Little Lord Fauntleroy suits of the late 19th century. The lace collar, however, has never completely disappeared from the younger boys' wardrobe--especially for formal wear. A boy serving as a ring bearer or attending other formal events might still wear a lace collar.


Discussion forums dealing with sewing and childrens clothing provide a great deal of useful information on lace collars in modern boys clothing.

Suggestions for Boys Lace Collar

I have two boys, and I am looking for two lace collars that are not identical, but have the same feel. One shirt is going to be under the double breasted, button on the shoulder suit by Maggie's Classic. The other shirt needs to go with Michael shorts (pleated in front, elastic in back, pull on). Does anyone have any suggestions? I intend on using a little boy lace that is pretty tailored, but no tatting. I already have several shirts with tatting. Laurie Posted 08/12/2000

Laurie, Although I have never made this pattern, Julia Golson has a book of embroidary designs that include a collar pattern for boys or girls. The name of the book is Basic Embroidery by Julia Golson. It should still be in print I've seen it in the last few shops I visited. Also check out Creative Needle Jan/Feb 2000. They have a picture on page 25 of the prettiest collar for boys and directions are on page 52. I'll be curious to hear what you finally decide on as I have two little nephews that those types of collars would be suitable for. Catherine Posted 08/13/2000

Handmades does have the Julia Golson Basic Embroidery book unless it sold out in the past couple of days. Another suggestion is Wendy Schoen's Heirloom Embroidery for Boys Pam Posted 08/13/2000

Christopher Wagner

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