Belgian Sailors Suits: Age

Figure 1.--This Belgian boy was photographed in 1913. He wears a white button-on sailor suit with short pants, white kneesocks, and strap shoes. Note the white bow.

HBC is not quite sure just what age groups wore sailor suits in Belgium. We believe that the age range was comparable to that in France. We have no information on the 19th century at this time. We note both young and older boys boys wearing them in in the early 20th century. Younger boys often wore the sailor suits with button styling. We also note even younger teenagers wearing them through the 1920s, although this became less common in the 1930s. After the 30s they were mostly worn by younger boys. Yoinger boys seem to have worn the white suits than the dark blue wool suits, but our infornmation is too limited to draw any firm conclusions here. We note both younger and older boys wearing short pants sailor suits. We note that the Belgian princes wore long pants sailor suits. Most of the photographs we havde seen of ordinary Belgian boys show them wearing kneepants or long pants suits.


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Created: July 18, 2002
Last updated: July 19, 2002