(The) Adventures of Elektronik / Priklyucheniya Elektronika (USSR, 1979)

Figure 1.--This popular Russian movie, "The Adventures of Elektronik, shot in 1979 shows the school uniforms that Soviet children wore during the 1970s and 80s.

A Russian reader has mentioned the Soviet film The Adventures of Elektronik to us. We know virtually nothing about the movie. It was made at Odesskaya Kinostudiya, Odessa, USSR, 1979. The stars of the film were 12 years old twins: Volodya Torsuev who played Elektronik and Yura Torsuev as Syroezhkin. A reader tells us that it was an extremely popular movie. Apparently much of it is set at a school. Hopefully our Russian readers will tell us more about th film. The children wear school uniforms. Our Russian reader tells us that for two decades (1970s-80s) that the Soviet school uniform was virtually unchanged. So it was available in any shop selling goods for children. There is a website on this film, but because it is a Russian-language site, we do not understand what it says. Homefully one of our readers will provide an English-language synopsis.

A Russian reader tells us, "'The Adventures of Elektronik' can be considered as the most complete encyclopedia on Russian schoolchildren clothes in late 1970s (and even about medieval page clothes). It is three-series movie (totally over 3 hours). The film was created by the most gifted Russian writer, scenarist, director, camera-men, composer, singers, hairdressers and specialists on costumes. The constellation of Russian stars (young and adult) was invited. It fully retains its popularity in Russia. And will on, no doubt. In 1995 - 2002 it was shown maybe 10 times. The music is nice, too. As for me, I like the movie not less than famous "Oliver!". Russian can't be problem - the plot is most primitive."

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 8, 2002
Last updated: November 17, 2002