Argentine Youth Group Uniforms

Figure 1.--Here we see Argentine Cubs and Scouts saluting the flag. We are not sure just when this photograph was taken. We would guess the 1970s. The Scouts are a Catholic group.

The principal uniformed youth group in Argentina is the Boy Scouts. The largest Scouting organization in Latin America appears to be Argentina. As far as we know Scouting is the only importangt uniformed youth group. We have few details on Argentinde Scouting. There appears to be a separate Catholic Scouting association. The image here suggests considerable attention to the uniform. As with most groups, there a destinct Cub and Scout uniform. We are not sure if any other youth groups have been active in Argentina. There does appear to be a popular youth hostel movement in Argentina. We do not know of any other group.


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Created: May 5, 2004
Last updated: 2:41 AM 2/26/20094