Brazilian Youth Group Uniforms

Figure 1.--Here we see two modern Brazilian Scouts. They look like they are in the Senior or Rover program.

Brazil is the largest, most populous country in Latin America. Unlike most other Latin American countries, which speak Spanish, the Brazilians as a former Portuguese territory speak Portuguese. The only Brazilian youth group we know of is Scouting. Hopefully our Brazilian readers will provide more information on youth groups in their country.

Brazilian Scouting

The only Brazilian youth group we know of is Scouting. We have virtually no information on Braziian Scouting at this time. Give the size of Brazil, you would expect the country to have a very substantial Scouting movement. We do not know if there is one national association or different association. One report indicates that Brazilian Scouting became coeducational (May 1997). We note the groups in 2004 were Cubs (7-10), Scouts (11-14), Senior Troops (15-17), and Rovers (18-21).

Other Groups

We know of no other Brazilian youth group besides the Scouts.


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Created: 8:03 PM 8/9/2004
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