Danish Youth Group Uniforms

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HBU has only limited information on Danish youth groups. The most popular group is the Boy Scouts. The NAZIs attempted to create a nationalist group during World war II, but had little success. A Danish author remembers joining the Boys' Brigade when he was growing up.

Boy Scouts

The major Scout association in Denmark (DDS) was founded November 19th, 1909 in Hellerup near Copenhagen. The girls and guides of Denmark formed the DDP (Danish: Det Danske Pigespejderkorps) October 10th, 1910. DDS was for boys and DDP for girls until they merged in 1973. This means that most local units now are coeducational, though a unit may prefer the single sex option. Every 5 years, DDS gathers in one big camp (Danish: Blå Sommer). The peak number of people in the camp was close to 23,000 in 1994.

Boys' Brigade

The Frivilligt Drenge-Forbund (Danish Boys' Brigade) was organized in 1902. We have few details about the Boys' Brigade in Denmark. One Danish writer, Kaare Westergaard, remembers joining the Boys' Brigade.

Nationalist Groups

The German offensive against Denmark and Norway was launched April 9, 1940. The small Scandinavia country was occupied within hours. There was virtually no resistance. Denmark at the time had several pro-NAZI parties, not because there was a lor of NAZI sentiment, but because there was no one individual leader, like Vidkun Quisling, to dominate the movement. In addition, NAZI policy was basically to incorprate Denmark into the Reich and thus no real interest in entrusting political power to the Danish NAZIs.


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