Korean Youth Group Uniforms

Figure 1.--Scouting was recived in Korea in 1945 after the Japanese surrender and the American liberatrion of South Korea.

Japan seized control of Korea (1909), after which the country became a Japanese colony. We know relatively little about Korean youth groups. The Scout Movement of Korea (BSKI) was founded in October 1922. Sir Lee Sang-Jae is elected as the first President of the BSKI in March 1924. At the time there were many limitations on Korean Scouts. Korea was a Japanese colony and any demonstration of Korean nationalism was discouraged and dangerous. The Japanese prohibited Scouting in Korea during March 1937 as relations with western Goverments began to deteriorate as the Japanese militarists expanded their expanionist policies in Manchuria and China. Not only were the Japanese concerned about any expression of Korean nationalism, but Scouting' western image and internationalist principles were increasdingly alien to Japan's militant nationalism. Scouting was revived after the Japanese surrender and the American liberation of South Korea. At the same time the Soviet Union liberated North Korea. The Communist Government installed in the north founded the Young Pioneeer movement.


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Created: August 30, 2003
Last updated: 4:43 AM 10/28/2005