New Zealand Boys' Youth Group Uniforms

Figure 1.--While not as important as Scouting, there is a strong Boy's Brigade movement in New Zealand.

New Zealand youth organizations are basically the local organizations originally founded in England. Interestingly, the history of these offered by these groups primarily recounts the founding in England rather than than the history in New Zealand. The only two groups familiar to HBU is the Boys' Brigade and Boy Scouts.

Boys' Brigade

The goal of the New Zealand Boys' Brigade is Developing Christian Lifeskills through a Children's and Youth Ministry within Churches in New Zealand. This is achieved through a programme that focus's on enhancement of Boys' Spiritual, Physical, adventure, Community and Personal Interests. HBU has only limited information on the New Zealand Boys' Brigade.

Boy Scouts

New Zealand is a great place for Scouting. The climate permits outdoor activities year round. Scouting is popular with New Zealand boys. There is also an active Sea Scout program in New Zealand.

Nationalist Groups

HBU knows of no nationlist youth groups in New Zealand. Until after World War I, most Kiwis generally looked on themselves as transplanted English. Some still do. There is no real support in New Zealand at this time for creating a republic and changing the head of state which is currently the British monarch.


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Created: September 8, 2000
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